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A browser extension to
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AuthoredIn is currently in public beta

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How does it work?

See how your post will look in the feed

LinkedIn algorithm is driven by how many people click "see more".

AuthoredIn helps you optimize the "hook" in your posts, to make them more engaging.

AuthoredIn preview, with "see more" button circled

Stylize your posts to catch attention

Easily add bold, italic and other font styles. Pick emojis from your favourites.

No more chasing tools all over the internet. Everything you need right in your editor!

An example of bold, italic and code font styles

Save your ideas as drafts

Stop copy/pasting from notepad and Notion.

AuthoredIn allows you to save unlimited number of drafts, right there on LinkedIn.

Drafts interface, with arrows showcasing New post and Saved draft in the UI

Treat yourself to a better experience

Drag & drop, or paste images, track your word stats, and more. AuthoredIn makes everything about writing on LinkedIn faster and more enjoyable.

Once you try it, you will never want to go back!

The overlay that shows up when user drags an image over the editor

What are customers saying?

Avatar of "Evan Weber"
Evan Weber
I'm really enjoying using this tool! Great idea! My Linkedin posts are so much more full of life and getting even better responses!
Avatar of "Vedran Rasic"
Vedran Rasic
Finally a product I was looking for. Founders are amazing and so is the product! My entire team at LeadDelta is using it. Well done.😍
Avatar of "Steven Farber"
Steven Farber
Fantastic tool, and free!? Easily worth big money with the time, efficiency and professional touch it allows you to make on LinkedIn.
Avatar of "Danny Greeff"
Danny Greeff
Cannot believe that I functioned for so long without this extension, thank you for building it!
Avatar of "Martin Smith"
Martin Smith
Loving this tool so far, and know that more great features are coming. I especially love the fact that I can preview what will show before the "Read More" link.
Avatar of "Luisa Balaniuc"
Luisa Balaniuc

This is an asset for everyone who seeks high quality content creation. Not only does it enable you to compose better looking posts - but it's super user friendly and easy to understand. No tutorials needed.

I will never post without AuthoredIn again!

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